JRSO Speedwatch – 23rd April 2014

Our junior Road Safety Officers and Class 5 had a visit from the Notts County Council Road safety Team.

They used a specially programmed machine to test their reaction times and see how long a vehicle would take to stop in case of an emergency.  They also discussed the distractions inside and outside a car and how this could seriously threaten their safety.  On Fern Road the children used a Speed Interactive Device to monitor and measure the speeds of passing cars.  54 vehicles were recorded of which 6 were found to be going over the 30mph speed limit.

All of the activities gave the children a much clearer understanding of how to keep themselves safe, either as a passenger or pedestrian.

jrso speedwatch 011 jrso speedwatch 013 jrso speedwatch 016 jrso speedwatch 015

Easter Eggstravaganza – Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Cropwell Bishop School had an eggstremely fantastic day celebrating Easter. The day started with an Easter Bonnet parade and judging of the decorated eggs. This was followed by Egg Rolling outside down the bank and a chick hunt. The afternoon saw Easter Buggy Races, with the whole day rounded up with an Easter egg prize giving assembly.

Click on the link to see photos of the day Easter Eggstravaganza

IMG_0153  IMG_0148