Space Capsule Competition – Wednesday 25th June 2014

On Wednesday 25th June, children from Key Stage 2 fought a close competition to fire space capsules from their homemade catapults. The competition was fierce with a wide range of ingenious designs.

Aidan, Jamie, Willam, Willem, Connor and Sam went for a traditional wooden structure. Grace and Isabelle’s design was excellent and it was able to fire the space capsules a fair distance. Ivy’s design, using parts of a bike and some old tights, was fabulous – very imaginative! Alba carefully created a small, yet powerful catapult. Maddie and Emily’s incredibly inventive design, using 2 wooden spoons, was a sight to behold.

The winners were Jamie, Willem, Connor and Sam, with Grace and Isabelle as runners up. These children will be going to Robert Miles on Wednesday 2nd July to compete with other schools from across Rushcliffe, and will hopefully bring back the Science and Technology Cup for Cropwell Bishop.

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Music For School

Today a representative from Music for Schools came into school to show the children in Classes 2 to 5 all the different instruments they could learn through their instrument scheme. The children had a wonderful time listening to the instruments being played and clapping along.


If you are interested in your child learning an instrument through Music for Schools they will be doing a presentation on Monday 23rd June at 3.40pm for parents.

Music Assembly – Tuesday 17th June 2014

Key Stage Two presented a wonderful music afternoon to Key Stage One and parents. The children have been working with Mrs Blackburn every Tuesday afternoon learning songs which are connected with their class topics which they performed at the assembly.

The assembly got under way with Class 4 performing songs from Australia, followed by Class 3 singing Viking Songs. The Recorder Club then performed a Movie Buster song and songs from Abba.

Class 6 sang a song from The Movies and then the assembly was closed by Class 5 performing a song from Ancient Greece called All Greek to me, followed by Cropwell Bishop Blues which they also played on their recorders.

Thank you Mrs Blackburn for all your hard work in helping us with our music.

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Art Club – Tuesday 20th May 2014

The Art Club has been looking at the work of Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) who was a Swiss sculptor. They started by drawing a person and then made a figure out of paper. Finally they used art straws, sculpture wire, masking tape and rags to build their own sculptures.

To celebrate their work the Art Club held an exhibition and invited their parents to view their sculptures. The parents generously donated £29 for the Red Cross at the Art Show.

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