Some fantastic news for the Village, Robin Skailes of Cropwell Bishop Creamery has advised us that there is now a defibrillator installed up at the diary which has been registered with the ambulance service.

It is available for our residents to use in case of an emergency by simply calling 999, the ambulance service will then give you the code to get into the defibrillator unit and take you from there.

The defibrillator is placed under the balcony on the outside wall of the dairy building so as you go up the drive it is just off to the right slightly facing you mounted on the outside wall.

The Parish Council would like to thank the creamery for this facility being open to all of our residents.

Creamery Creamery 1

Rotary Club – 19th November 2014

This morning David Barton and Gerry Thompson from the Rotary Club visited school to present every member of Year 5 with an Illustrated English Dictionary. The Rotary Club is an organisation who raise money to help eradicate poverty and disease mostly in Africa, but also to help with projects nearer home such as providing school children with dictionaries. They have over 35,000 clubs world-wide with a membership of 1.2 million people and so we are very grateful that they help our pupils in this way.

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Tree Planting to Commemorate Centenary of the First World War – 12th November 2014

Tree Planting  untitled

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War members of the School Council and Mr Palmer joined the Parish Council and Cllr Gordon Moore to plant a tree at the Old School. The tree is a Cherry Bird Watereri and is sited in the far left-hand corner of the grassy area beside the Old School.

The Councils hope this living legacy will serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made for our freedom for many years to come.

Urgent Request for Stilton Stumble

untitledAfter the fantastic success of last years Stilton Stumble the Friends of School are organising another one this year. However, they are very short on volunteers to act as Marshall’s for the event. If you can spare some time on Sunday 16th November between the times of 8.30am and 2pm to help please contact Susanna Stephenson, Sandy Groves or Charlotte Mullins from the Friends of School. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please support the Friend’s in the wonderful work that they do for our school.cropped-header

Drumming Assembly – 6th November 2014

This morning Adam Rockley from Adam Rockley Drumming came into school and presented a Drumming Assembly to us. Some of our pupils already have lessons each Monday and they performed to the school, along with our very own Mr Lee.

After the assembly Classes 2 and 3 took part in a Military Drumming Workshop, great fun was had by all!

If your child is interested in taking drumming lessons through school details will be emailed out in due course.

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Click here to see Mr Lee’s Performance

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Military Drumming Workshops