New KS1 Play Equipment

There was great excitement on the KS1 playground this morning. All the children were having a wonderful time playing on the new play equipment.

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Also new on the playground is a raised garden for the children in Classes 1 and Reception to grow vegetables and flowers. Thanks to a donation of £25 from Morrisons the children were able to buy seeds, plants and compost to get the garden started.

Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Celebrations – 10.6.16

  To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday, the children, dressed in red, white and blue, had a wonderful time playing bygone games out on the field (just beating the rain). Then the thunder and lightning came and so the street party was held in the hall where the children enjoyed cakes, biscuits and juice after singing Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth with 90 claps.

“Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness!”

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Queen Elizabeth 90th Birthday Coins – 9th June 2016

This morning the school were very lucky to receive a visit from the Chairman of the Parish Council, Alan Wilson and Councillor’s Colin Bryant and Jan Towndrow. The Councillor’s presented all the children in the school with a gold coin to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday, which the Parish Council had very kindly bought for all the children.

IMG_5063 IMG_5065 IMG_5066 IMG_5074

As part of Class 1’s topic the class sent the Queen a Birthday Card and letters and they were very delighted to receive a letter back from the queen which is now on display in the reception area.


Race for Life – Wednesday 8th June 2016

Today the whole school and quite a few parents took part in the Race for Life. The children had to run 3 1/2 times around the school field and all the children made it, although a few of the adults looked a little worn out by the end of it.

Well Done to everyone!

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