Governors of ‘The Acorn Federation’

Mr Chris Keast Mrs Ruth Taylor
 Dr Lucy Morley Mrs Carolyn Herrington
 Mrs Helen Mullen  Ms Tracey Anderson
 Ms Zoe Mouter  Mr Lyndon Williams
 Mrs Sally Fletcher  Mrs Gill Lane
 Mrs Michele Newham  Mr Richard Bateson
 Mr Philip Palmer  Mr Jeremy Lee
Ms Louisa Hussey (Associate Governor)  Mrs Jenny Cook  (Associate Governor)

Link Governors




Curriculum   Overview

Jeremy   Lee


Claire Leivers

English and Phonics

Nicola Simpson


Katrina Bradley


           Suzy Bulmer


Gina   Harries-Pugh


Liz Palmer


Louisa Hussey


Claire Springthorpe / Charlotte Arnold


Katrina Bradley

Healthy Schools

Katrina Bradley


Louisa Hussey


                                       Able, Gifted and Talented

Reported to governors through Head Teacher report

Louisa   Hussey /     Charlotte Arnold

Louisa Hussey


Jeremy Lee

Health   and Safety

Phil   Palmer

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Phil   Palmer


Phil   Palmer

FOS,   Parents Forum, Community

Phil   Palmer




Reported to governors through Head Teachers report

Phil   Palmer

Jeremy Lee

Ros Beavis

Governor Financial Statement 2015-16

Governor Code of Conduct Policy

Governor Visits Policy

The Acorn Federation Federated Governing Body

Statement of Principles

The federated governing body will:

  • Have a balance of members from each school.
  • Have a commitment to fairness in the leadership of the governing body, e.g. the chair and vice-chair will be representative of the two schools/communities.
  • Have a commitment to equality in the priorities in the Federation Strategic Plan and equality of the number of priorities in each School Improvement Plan.
  • Assess the impact of decisions on both schools when considering staff or shared services.
  • Support and monitor both schools equally.
  • Ensure governors from both communities will familiarise themselves with both schools, their strengths and challenges.
  • Work as one entity to support the governors within it, regardless of which community they represent.
  • Honour the mission statements of both schools to direct resources.
  • Ensure that both schools retain their individual identities.

A brief synopsis of what it means to be a Governor

Briefly the role involves being part of a friendly efficient team who actively support and challenge the school working alongside the Head Teacher as a critical friend. Much of the work of the Governing Body goes unseen, but they play a key role in helping the school provide the best education for its pupils.

The Governing Body plays an active role in the strategic development of the school. Typically a Governor will attend two meetings per term, the full Governing Body meeting on one evening and the meetings of the sub committees on another. Each Governor is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the curriculum. As a link Governor, they will report on a particular subject area and will meet the member of staff responsible for this subject with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement, including target setting, managing the budget, reporting results and performance, performance management, health and safety inspections and policy.

The full Governing Body meeting deals with the big issues that face the school and is often the final consideration of a new initiative before its implementation. Two committees carry out most of the work of the Governing body. The Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Strategic Development Committee, which deals with a huge variety of issues covering curriculum, pupils and staff policies. This committee really does deal with the nuts and bolts of the operational side of the school and its work directly affects everyone involved with the school.