School Prospectus 2017 – 2018


Teaching British Values – Cropwell Bishop

Standard Reception Criteria

Special Education Needs Policy

Supporting Children at School with Medical Conditions Policy

Admission Arrangements

Children are admitted full time to school in the September following their 4th birthday. You can apply through the Admissions Website:-

Application Forms need to be returned to Nottinghamshire County Council at the address at the bottom of the form, not to school.

Mission Statement

The school’s work and vision is based on five core values of:      

  • ·         Integrity
  • ·         Equality
  • ·         Respect
  • ·         Care.
  • ·         Inclusion

Cropwell Bishop Primary School will provide an inclusive environment for all, within which we will enable children, staff, parents, carers and the community to achieve personal greatness in all they do and empower them to want to do their very best.’

The following school aims outline how we will set about achieving the above mission statement:

  1. To enable children to become happy, secure and enthusiastic life long learners and achieve personal greatness.
  2. To make children the centre of everything we do, where they are challenged and supported through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  3. To develop an environment and school ethos where individual needs are respected and diversity celebrated.
  4. To build a sense of self worth, personal responsibility and respect for one another.
  5. To place the school at the heart of local society, encouraging a caring and supportive partnership between children, their families and the wider community.