Current Status: Green Flag

Eco Warriors:

Class 1 – Matthew Auty, Gracie Bingham

Class 2 – Leighton Wright, Darci Dixon

Class 3 – Zach Filiopowicz, Grace Litchfield

Class 4 – Max Nelson, Harriet Gladman-Bell

Class 5 – Jake Andrew, Caitlin Thomas

Class 6 – Archie Mullins, Emily Kemp

Cropwell Bishop Village Show – 5th September 2015

This year the school entered the Village Show in both the Single Flower Class and the Hen Eggs Class. The single flower was a sunflower from our school garden, grown by the Gardening Club, and it won 1st in the class.

Flowers IMG_3384 IMG_3385 IMG_3386

The Hen Eggs came from our chickens which have a run on the field, and are looked after by the KS2 children, and they came 3rd in the class.


  • It takes just 25 two litre plastic pop bottles to make one adult size fleece.

  • A toilet can use upto 10 litres of  water per flush. Putting a water saving device in the cistern can save 2.5 litres of water every time you flush.
  • Every 90 minutes we produce enough rubbish to fill the local swimming pool – that’s 430 tonnes a year.
  • In the United Kingdom we recycle 17% of our waste – yet some European countries recycle 60% of their waste.
  • A washing machine uses 65 litres of water. A half load needs just over half that amount. Wait and do a full load.
  • If you turn the tap off when you brush your teeth you could save upto 5 large bottles of water.
  • Rubbish is dumped illegally in England every 35 seconds – yet it costs a local authority almost £100 a minute to clear up.
  • By walking to school there will be fewer cars on the road which is good for the local community and the environment. This will make the area around your school safer too.
  • Every year we throw away the equivalent of 3.5 million double-decker buses – a queue of which would stretch from London to Sydney and back.
  • 73% of our waste goes to landfill even though 90% of this is recoverable. It could be recycled, reused or composted.